NATULIQUE takes a harder stand in the fight against animal testing

Nordic, organic, and now certified vegan

Denmark, 24th October 2017: NATULIQUE takes a harder stand in the fight against animal testing in the beauty industry by adding the Vegan Certification to six hair care products, and more to come.

The certification by the Vegan Society assures the professional hairdresser that no animal testing or animal ingredients are in the products that carry the certification. None of the products in the NATULIQUE range are animal tested, and it has always been that way. The addition of the Vegan Certification is an emphasis on the clear stand the company takes against testing on animals.

NATULIQUE Co-founder Mette Lykkegaard says, “It is part of our vision that we want to fight an uncritical consumer world. One doesn’t have to be vegan to want to reduce the incredible suffering of animals. I recently visited a lab where they did animal testing, and I was totally shocked. This is really an area where we need people and consumers to fight. We believe that NATULIQUE needs to lead the way in this direction”.

The Vegan Certification is initially added to six NATULIQUE hair care products; the Moisture, Everyday, and Volume shampoos and conditioners. An addition that Ruby Byrne, hair artist and owner of RubyB salon, is very happy about:

Animal testing in the beauty industry is absolutely unnecessary and awful. The Vegan Certification on the products makes me feel that NATULIQUE is taking their products to a whole new level in the hairdressing industry and making a stand for veganism. It’s a topic that is very important to me personally, so now it’s been brought over to my business it makes it all more important”, she says.

NATULIQUE is rooted in Denmark, and was the world’s first manufacturer of natural and organic based hair colour, care, and styling. The products are produced according to the highest standards and restrictions on animal testing in the world regulated by the Danish law. All hair care products follow the NATULIQUE ethics, which demands it to be close to 100% plant based with as many certified organic ingredients as possible – beneficial for both hair, health, and the environment.

More certified vegan products to come

Besides the current six certified vegan products, NATULIQUE will enhance the hair care and styling range with additionally four new products within the next month that carry the Certified Vegan logo.


At NATULIQUE we work from a simple vision that demands the safest and cleanest possible ingredients to ensure the safest products within the professional hair care industry, with less chemicals and better functionality.

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