Healthy hair starts with the roots

NATULIQUE introduces its 10th certified vegan product: The Exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy

Denmark, April 2018: For flowers to grow strong and beautiful, a healthy and nurturing environment is essential. The same applies to hair: Without a healthy scalp, no cut or colour will accomplish a naturally beautiful look. The new NATULIQUE Scalp and Skin Therapy promotes health directly at the roots and puts an end to dry, itchy and irritated scalps.

The scalp is our hair’s source of life and needs to be nourished, moisturized and exfoliated on a regular basis.

“Many clients forget that their scalp is highly sensitive and needs intensive skincare, just like their tender skin in the face”, explains NATULIQUE educator Lynell Dumont. Even when clients solely use organic products, their scalps may experience damage from air pollution and extreme weather conditions.

“Dandruff, dry and irritated scalps or even skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis is something we see in salons everyday”, says Lynell.

To provide hairdressers and stylists with a certified organic in-salon treatment, NATULIQUE now extends its vegan product family with the exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy.

Healthy scalp in 30 minutes
The advanced and restorative formula is based on only six key ingredients – all certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free. The duo of tea tree oil and urea lays a powerful foundation to combat dry, itchy and irritated scalps with nature’s forces. Having antimicrobial and antifungal properties, tea tree oil clears blocked pores and promotes thick hair growth from the roots. An extra supply of urea brings reduced levels in unhealthy skin back to their natural balance. The blend of cocoa seed butter, coconut based glycerin and aloe vera leaf extract then moisturizes and nourishes the scalp with the help of antioxidants and the vitamins A, B and C. As a finishing touch, lavender leaf extract calms nervous tension and increases the blood flow to advance the healing process. Thanks to its simple application, the Scalp Therapy quickly gets to the roots of the problem. After only 30 minutes, customers may notice the immediate soothing effects and leave the salon more relaxed.

Time to celebrate
With the launch of the exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy, NATULIQUE introduces its 10th certified vegan product. To celebrate this enrichment of the vegan product family, the brand hosted a small Social Media campaign over the long Easter weekend. For every comment on the relating posts, NATULIQUE committed to donating 1£ to the Vegan Society. Together with the product launch, CEO and Co-founder Mette Lykkegaard announced the total donation of 100 £ to their partner in Great Britain.

The exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy will immediately be available at all local distributors.


At NATULIQUE we work from a simple vision that demands the safest and cleanest possible ingredients to ensure the safest products within the professional hair care industry, with less chemicals and better functionality.

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