Danish lifestyle concept “hygge” now hits the salons

NATULIQUE introduces Hygge Hair Spray Wax for effortless styling

Denmark, January 2019

Coziness, nonchalance and indulgence: The Scandinavian lifestyle trend “hygge” has taken the world by storm. With the new lightweight NATULIQUE HYGGE HAIR SPRAY WAX for effortless and laid-back looks, the Danish beauty brand is now bringing hygge to the salons.

A warming fireplace, a sweet cup of hot chocolate and board games with good friends: Hygge is a state of comfort, a feeling of coziness and probably the secret Danish weapon to survive the long, dark winters as one of the happiest nations in the world. Inspired by this cozy lifestyle concept, the Danish beauty brand NATULIQUE has created the natural Hygge Hair Spray Wax to bring the trademark-feeling to the salons. “As a big hygge-fan, I love that the Spray Wax perfectly supports what hygge means to us Danes: A laid-back approach to life and fashion, with a special eye for the beauty of things. I like to use it to create a casual look, when I’m spending quality time with my family and friends”, says NATULIQUE CEO and co-founder Mette Lykkegaard.

“Hygge Hair” is all about effortless chic and natural styles such as messy buns, half-up knots and casual layers. NATULIQUE’s Hygge Hair Spray Wax helps embrace one’s natural hair texture and enhances the hair’s current state for a casual look. It effectively, but gently locks and holds the shape for longer lasting layers, waves, bangs and curls. “What I like most about the Hygge Spray Wax is that it’s lightweight and super flexible, so you don’t get the greasy feeling of a regular wax”, says Miluska Braat, International Master Educator at NATULIQUE. “It also works wonders on frizz and static hair in winter, for example after wearing a beanie”.

The Hygge Hair Spray Wax is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and enriched with certified organic and natural ingredients to protect and moisturize and strengthen individual hair strands. A unique blend of Broccoli Seed and Jojoba Oil provides the hair with essential fatty amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as copper and zinc.

Working in harmony with other styling products the Hygge Hair Spray Wax can easily be used on-the-go to add a few splashes of hygge to every day. This new addition to NATULIQUE’s natural styling range is made for all hair types and particularly recommended for short to medium-length hairstyles. It will be available to salon owners, professional stylists and hairdressers from January 25th.

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Mette Lykkegaard, Co-founder, NATULIQUE


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