NATULIQUE declares war on dullness:

The new certified vegan Root Lifter Volume Tonic brings tired hair back to life

Denmark, March 2019

Flat, tired and dull hair: NATULIQUE CEO and Co-Founder Mette Lykkegaard is not the only one facing these problems in her daily styling routine. Particularly in winter many women and men miss volume and vitality in their roots and battle with thinning hair that just won’t stay in place. Thanks to NATULIQUE’s new innovative Root Lifter Volume Tonic, the war against dullness will soon be won.

If you asked NATULIQUE CEO Mette Lykkegaard about her biggest hair-related issue a few months ago, she’d have definitely said that it’s “too flat”. Today, Mette’s flat hair days are over. With the discovery of an innovative and vitamin enriched formula to fight lacklustre hair through natural, vegan ingredients she finally found the perfect product to end her flat hair misery – the new “Root Lifter Volume Tonic”.

The certified organic Root Lifter is not only vegan friendly, animal-cruelty free and 360BIOCERT ORGANIC, but also almost 100% made from ingredients with all – natural origin. As NATULIQUE always places value on not only styling but simultaneously caring for and nourishing the hair, this vitamin enriched hair tonic uses not only a natural volume enhancer, but also a special blend of certified organic extracts and juices;
The Aloe Vera Leaf Juice significantly reduces itchiness and dandruff whilst stimulating and improving blood and oxygen flow to the follicles. Bilberry Fruit extract is a powerful collagen booster and the Olive Leaf Extract stimulates anagen for enhanced hair growth.

NATULIQUE’s Root Lifter is moreover perfectly suited for everyday use as it is lightweight, leaves natural-looking and touchable results and does not agglutinate the roots in any way. You can use it on your clients to finish of a hairstyle or encourage them to take a bottle home, for an instant boost in the morning or on the go. Measuring only 150ml our Hair Tonic easily fits into any collection or handbag hassle-free. You can use it on dry, damp or wet hair, any time of day, directly on the roots or in the lengths of your clients hair for extra volume.

The Tonic is highly compatible with styling tools, blow dryers and even works perfectly alongside NATULIQUE’s mineral enriched Beach Wave Ocean Spray. NATULIQUE International Master Educator Miluska Braat suggests using a combination of the two on your client’s hair “if you want to have more texture in the roots and leave the lengths a little bit softer”. An added natural enhancer in the tonic lifts the roots after only a few pumps, dries down and creates the ideal base for voluminous, long-lasting, and flexible styles for every hair type.

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At NATULIQUE we work from a simple vision that demands the safest and cleanest possible ingredients to ensure the safest products within the professional hair care industry, with less chemicals and better functionality. We are rooted in Denmark, Scandinavia, the world’s most forward-thinking country within environmental preservation and organic movement.