At NATULIQUE we believe that two of the most important things in life are the eagerness to learn something new and the ability to listen. If we do not take these aspects seriously, we will not be able to move forward and become better people nor will we achieve a greater understanding of the world and people around us.

Our newest My Story is told by the talented Kristy Mooren, owner of Salon 13, located in the Netherlands:

“Hi, my name is Kristy Mooren.

I would like to introduce myself a little bit before moving on to telling you about how I came about to opening my own organic salon.

In 2005, I graduated as an all-around hairdresser in Eindhoven. After I graduated, I wanted to expand my knowledge and expertise within the beauty industry, as I felt it was important to be able to provide a more holistic service to my clients. I, therefore, attended two other programs. The first one of was an all-around beautician program in Eindhoven and the second one was a Make-up artist program at the best private school in the Netherlands called Mieke Petiet in Amsterdam.

I then worked in a lot of different salons, where I sometimes came in contact with bio-products, but for the most part, the salons I worked at did not use bio-products. Based on my works experiences from this period of time, I had learned first-hand what the differences of using bio-products and not. I definitely prefer working with bio-products, as it is milder towards me and my clients. It was actually already during this period of time I was first introduced to NATULIQUE.

After a while, I decided that I wanted to start my own salon, this way I could also decide by myself what products I wanted to use. In 2013, my boyfriend and I bought an old house from the 30’s in the center of our town. The house was a former bakery with a shop on the front side of the building; it was just perfect for a salon. So on August 27th of this year, in the former bakery shop, we opened a completely new salon called Salon 13.

Since I already had worked with NATULIQUE before, I had a good feel of the quality of the products and how it performed. I, therefore, wanted this brand for my new salon. After getting in contact with the regional contact person, I got the feeling about this being the right decision straight away. As of today, I am still very satisfied with NATULIQUE. Working with certificated and ecologically responsible products that also provides me the opportunity to create high fashion styles is just the right combination for me!

I just love working with Hair and Make-up and I am so lucky that I get to do a lot of different photo shoots every year. I am therefore extremely excited about having been asked to do NATULIQUE Netherlands Hair Collection 2017!”

// Kristy Mooren
Business Owner, Salon 13

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Hegelsom 5963 AE

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