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VOLUME 101 FOR HAIR STYLISTS: understanding ingredients and effectiveness of volumising hair products

Hair volume is a must for a lot of people - and we certainly don’t blame them. The look of bouncy, voluminous hair is unmatched. Unfortunately, having natural volume in hair isn’t always the case (sad face). For instance, if your client’s hair is fine or thin, natural volume [...]

March 29th, 2022|Blog|
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How to Recycle Waste in Your Salon

As an environment conscious salon, you might have started to wonder about new ways you can contribute to taking care of our Earth in the best possible ways. Recycling is a great way [...]

Hair Salon Decor: 3 Ideas for Your Salon

As a salon owner, your salon is your baby! It is a way to express your skills and creativity and should reflect what you stand for as a hairdresser. But creating a functional and simultaneously attractive salon is [...]