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Social presence, Karolina Ecohair by K

Hair artist! Are you still not present on social media? Social presence with Karolina, Ecohair by K NATULIQUE hair artist, Karolina Spånberg of Ecohair by K in Sweden started showcasing her work on social media from the very first day she opened her salon, and today 95 % of her clients are generated from here. We have had a chat with her about social media presence. We asked Karolina 5 questions: 1. How important is social media when it comes to building your career and maintain your clientele? As an entrepreneur, [...]

September 6th, 2017|#tiptoteach|

Is Ammonia Free Hair Color Healthier For Your Hair?

Is It Ammonia Free? The most common questions we receive about NATULIQUE Organic Hair Color are ”is it chemical free?” and ”is it ammonia free?”. The NATULIQUE hair colors are made of certified organic and natural ingredients and 98% of them er derived from natural sources. This means that the ingredients are found in nature and are not produced in a lab or are synthetic. The NATULIQUE Colors Our Natural Colors have been designed with a focus on natural ingredients but at the same time to give you that long lasting, full coverage, [...]

June 14th, 2017|Blog|