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VOLUME 101 FOR HAIR STYLISTS: understanding ingredients and effectiveness of volumising hair products

Hair volume is a must for a lot of people - and we certainly don’t blame them. The look of bouncy, voluminous hair is unmatched. Unfortunately, having natural volume in hair isn’t always the case (sad face). For instance, if your client’s hair is fine or thin, natural volume [...]

March 29th, 2022|Blog|

Safe Hair Colors After Cancer

Is it safe to color hair after cancer? Every day people are exposed to chemicals that are toxic to our system, and radiation that is connected to the risk of breast cancer. The beauty [...]

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What Hair Colour Suits Me (or My Client)?

Have you ever had a friend or customer ask you this very question: What hair colour suits me? Chances are you’ve probably had your fair share of questions about this very subject! But how [...]

Why You Need Keratin in Your Hair Products

As a hairdresser, you have probably seen hair in your salon that has been completely damaged and dried out by keratin straightening treatments. When you hear about the ingredient, these straightening treatments might be [...]