My Story is this time visiting the amazing locks and lace – Hair and Millinery Studio placed in between two beautiful mountains on the West Coast of Ireland to meet Emma Murphy.

Without people like Emma we would not be able to achieve a greener and more sustainable future. We hope that you will be inspired by the organic lifestyle by reading Emma’s touching story.

“I started my journey as a hairstylist around 20 years ago where I trained in Bristol and London. In 2004, I decide to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and moved to the most beautiful and tranquil place in Ireland, which is where I still am today.

For 9 years, I worked in a small town 10 km away, but when I had my baby girl 3.5 years ago I longed for the perfect work life balance. I also wanted to devote sometime to my other passion Millinery, so I set a salon up in my house and a workshop up in the attic. This is when a light bulb went on for me. All the chemicals I brought into the house and the products I used were not good for me or my baby girl’s health. I had to find some way to reduce the chemicals that I was bringing into my house. After a great talk with a friend In Canada I found NATULIQUE and that was the beginning of my organic life. I have never looked back.

I was now offering a unique service in a 10 times less toxic environment. I started getting breastfeeding new mums, post cancer treatment clients by the salon and the list goes on of likeminded people. The number of people interested in a healthy alternative quickly grew and in a year or so I went from home salon to a cottage salon nestled in between two beautiful mountains.

Today I am offering a solely organic salon, where customers can get organic freshly ground coffee, tea, home bakes in fine bone china while you relax and be pampered by the wood burning stove”

// Emma Murphy
Business Owner, Hair and Millinery Artist
Locks and Lace

Want to visit Locks and Lace. Hair and Millinery Studio?

Locks and Lace. Hair and Millinery Studio
The Cottage
County Sligo

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