Hair artist! Are you still not present on social media?

Social presence with Karolina, Ecohair by K

NATULIQUE hair artist, Karolina Spånberg of Ecohair by K in Sweden started showcasing her work on social media from the very first day she opened her salon, and today 95 % of her clients are generated from here. We have had a chat with her about social media presence. We asked Karolina 5 questions:

1. How important is social media when it comes to building your career and maintain your clientele?

As an entrepreneur, I have several reasons for advertising my work on social media, the most important aspect is for new clients to see what I do and for my current clients to see how I evolve. My pictures will also tell a lot about current trends and my work activities. I want my clientele to know that I stay up to date on techniques, products, and tools for them to have the best experience and result as possible.

Ecohair by K

2. How have you experienced the effect of social media in your business?

I opened my account when I started my firm, the same day actually. Today, I get all of my new clients through recommendation and social media. Almost everyone takes a look at my Instagram or Facebook before making an appointment either way. I have a direct link to my online-booking service at both of my pages and when I do my monthly checkup I see that approximately 95% of my clients start their booking at first Instagram, second Facebook and third by Google search words.

3. What is the best social media advice you can offer someone?

Everything I do on my social networks is some form of reflection on my personality and style. When a new client searches for a hairdresser, or maybe just a colour, every connecting word from my posts will relate to that search. So for an extreme example, I hashtag “#makeover”, and someone in Australia is online trying to find inspiration for a home-makeover, and in that result, my picture and name will appear.

Ecohair by K
“All of a sudden you’ve got viewers and followers from all over the world, and you’ve got inspiration and help from all over the world as well.”

This is very effective not only to be seen but to empower your special niche. Simple words like #ecofriendlyhair #healthyhair #cleanbeauty #naturalhair #toxicfree #sustainablebeauty is some of the search-words that will interact on Google and bring them to my social media, and from there I rely on beautiful pictures and satisfied clients.

4. What is your rule of thumb when you showcase your work on social media?

Humans are very visual, over all, even when we don’t reflect on it. So when I post a picture, I want it to be aesthetic: sharp, symmetric and colour balanced. My personal touch comes first of through the hair itself but also by my angle of choice, lighting, hashtags, etc. My latest thing is to post an inspiration picture along with my hair-pic, just to break the ice between my artistry and my everyday work.

Ecohair by K

5. How do you use social media to promote that you are an eco-friendly hairdresser?

If you manage to build a nice Instagram-account there’s a very good chance of being reposted and lifted by the bigger ones. For example, the beauty-business have Modernsalon, Behind-thechair, Imallaboutdahair, Hotonbeauty, Beyondtheponytail, to name a few. These accounts have more than 2.5 million (!) followers combined. I have had the honor of being published on all of the above and it is truly uplifting, not to mention extremely rewarding. We can use these networks to strengthen our status as professional hairdressers, even raise the status for our entire industry, and together make sustainable beauty the natural choice.

“Social media is where you can say a thousand words without opening your mouth, so make sure your art is eloquent.”
Ecohair by K

Love/ Karolina @ecohairbyk

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