The Exterior Matters: Sustainable Packaging at NATULIQUE

When it comes to the sustainability of salon products, it is not only the ingredients that count. The packaging of colours, shampoos, sprays and every other product is an important matter for the environment that unfortunately often fades from the spotlight.

Sustainability has been part of NATULIQUE’s DNA from the founding days in 1998. Taking responsibility for the environment is therefore a matter of the heart to us: With our commitment to the 360BIOCERT Standard, we strive to produce as environmentally friendly as possible. An important step on the way is the sustainable packaging of our beloved products.

NATULIQUE Containers are 100% recyclable

We believe PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) containers to be the best packaging solution for NATULIQUE for several reasons. One of them is the health and safety of our clients. Countless studies have proven that PET is non-toxic, safe to handle and not hazardous when inhaled. Moreover, it is beyond important to us that our containers do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to cause negative effects on consumers’ health.

With regards to the environment, PET shows unbeatable strengths. It is 100% recyclable and therefore highly sustainable. As PET uses the few polymers that can be recycled into the same form, a recycled NATULIQUE container can become a NATULIQUE container again – repeatedly.

Even in comparison with other recyclable container materials, the environmental impact of PET is still favorable. “Because PET is lightweight and strong, it enables us to deliver more product with less weight. In this way, we can reduce the fuel consumption of our products on their way from the warehouse to our clients”, explains NATULIQUE Logistics Manager, Lasse Froehlich. During the manufacturing process, start-up and material losses can hardly be avoided. NATULIQUE ensures however, that any PET waste is carefully collected and re-processed.

Sustainable packaging

Denmark – a recycling pioneer

Our love for responsible business practices is strongly connected to our Danish roots: In 1978, Denmark was the first country to introduce a law on recycling. Back then, the government mandated that 50% of all paper and beverage packaging should be recycled. Today, our home country is on a good way to move further towards a more circular economy. Simultaneously, we passionately work on further minimizing our ecological footprint at NATULIQUE everyday. Except for sustainable packiging, we also have Biodegradable bowls and Brushes




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