It is 2017, which we at NATULIQUE has officially named our year of education and sharing. Because of this, it was only natural that the first #mystory of the year would feature one of our beloved educators. Travel with us to the adventuresome New Zealand and met NATULIQUE trainer Tash McAuley:

I am 35 years old and I am still passionate about hairdressing and the products I use even after 20 years. Like all women, I am also passionate about the way my hair looks and feels. A feeling us women all know about.

I went from school to Patrick’s Hairdressing School which in its time had a great reputation for producing highly qualified hairdressers. Over the years, I have worked for a number of reputable salons before owning my own hairdressing salon in Auckland. I eventually returned to Hamilton where I meet my husband Daniel and now I am the proud mother of 2 and soon to be 3.

To fit into my family life and work around Daniels occupation as a school teacher, I now have my salon attached to our home. Like all working mothers, you have to juggle motherhood with one’s career.

Over the years, I have promoted my business with the recognised brands we all know until I was fortunate enough to connect with NATULIQUE. I was excited about their product range and the fact that it is the only certified organic and non-animal tested hair products in New Zealand was an absolute bonus. Excited by this I discussed range with my clients and had their support to trial their products and as a result, they all converted.

I do not consider myself a “greeny” so to speak, however, my shift from the chemically accepted products to more natural products is solely based on the fact that they feel and look better and being from a natural based origin to me is a winner. I now only use NATULIQUE products in my salon and due to this, my client base has increased which to me stands as a true testament to the quality of the NATULIQUE range.

Like most women, I multitask: Mother, salon and now NATULIQUE Training and Sales Representative. Being associated with a great company which compliments my salon and best of all my clients just love it!!!!!

Natasha (Tash) McAuley
Owner, Carve Hair Design & NATULIQUE Representative

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