If you want to stay on top of the latest hair trends in the industry or your clients are looking for that fashionable runway look, this blog might just be what you’ve been looking for.

We’re introducing you to the top 5 runway trends of the spring/ summer season 2019 and give you some inspiration for your choice of products when recreating these looks for your clients.

1. Accessorize!

Hair Accessories hairstyles in Asian style

Sources: dolcegabbana.com; rodarte.net; erdem.com

Girls just wanna have fun! And what could be more fun than these playful catwalk hairdos?

Accessories are the perfect way to experiment with a new style and give your hair a summery touch.

Stylish hairbands or colourful scrunchies; classy berets or gorgeous flowers – this season the sky is the limit and more is more!

Accessorising is perfect for days on which you or your client want to give your hair a break from heat styling tools and products.

All the hair needs for this is some moisturising with the Argan Oil and fixing frizz with a hint of Hygge Hair Spray Wax – et voilà: You’re good to go.

2. Glamorous Curls

Glamour curls models catwalk - brown, ashy blonde, red head

Sources: dolcegabbana.com; rodarte.net; erdem.com

Good curls never go out of style and we just had to share these gorgeous hairdos rocking the catwalk.

These 80’s inspired curly looks are an instant glamour-guarantee The NATULIQUE Curl Defining Hair Cream and Volumizing Hair Mousse are your best friend to recreate this timeless look, perfect for sunny days and sweet summer nights.

3. Sleek and Smooth

Sources: erdem.com; maxmara.com

This smooth, modern midpart is a real classic, whether it’s paired with a ponytail or low bun.

This season this look is all around and guaranteed to make you look sophisticated at every occasion from the office to the park.

Wrap a string of hair around your ponytail for some effortless allure and use some Nourishing Hair Cream or Styling Gel for that sleeked back effect.

And, not like we’re telling you anything new, but we want that midpart sharp. as. a. razor.

4. Baby Bangs, baby!

Sources: dolcegabbana.com; erdem.com; prada.com

For those ready for an edgy, cool look, we plead team baby bangs. Mini fringes were spotted all over the catwalks, and are super on trend.

Daring?  Yes, but guaranteed to open up the face and make for a look cooler than ever. Ensure volume with our Root Lifter Volume Tonic and don’t hold back on the Volumizing Dry Shampoo if the fringe gets a bit oily.

5. Natural Texture

sources: escada.com, gucci.com; chloe.com

Sometimes effortless chic is all we need.

Embracing the natural texture of the hair is a good look regardless of whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight!

This way the colour nuances and natural shine of the hair get the attention they deserve. A good cut and some pampering, like our Intensive Hair Mask, are essential!

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