The roaring twenties have just started and the hair and beauty industry is evolving. Most importantly, the wants and needs of clients are changing too. 

To meet the demands of your clients, you should always stay informed about the latest wave of trends that is sweeping through the hair and beauty industry. 

We all know that always being up to date feels like a tedious and huge task. You might be asking yourself: When am I supposed to have time to look into these things? 

That is exactly the reason why we wrote this article – to spare you the time searching the internet and instead provide you with an easy overview of relevant trends and useful tips and information

If you already know what you are looking for, you can skip ahead – we’ve sorted the trends into 6 different topics for you:

1. The digital salon
2. The spalon
3. The savvy hairdresser
4. The eco-salon
5. The social salon
6. The Insta-salon

Let’s get right to it and delve into the hair salon trends you’ll see more of in this new decade!

Industry Trend #1: The digital salon

digital salon calendar

It’s old news: The digital age is here!

If you haven’t fully turned to the digital that’s okay – but we highly recommend it! It simply makes the worklife a lot easier. 

Going digital will benefit your salon in many ways. Digital booking systems will help you save time by reducing a lot of manual effort – no more running to the phone 10 times during one appointment. 

Automatic text confirmation and a digital calendar will help your salon become more eco-friendly by reducing paperwork such as a notebook calendar and receipts for appointments. 

Another great thing is that it will help you decrease missed appointments due to inconvenience because your clients can book an appointment anytime and anywhere

This seamlessness created through this kind of digital assistance will definitely increase customer satisfaction

Filip, founder and creative director of the NATULIQUE exclusive salon ORGANICS recommends the online booking system: “Our customers comment that this as a key advantage to other salons.”

He also suggests a focus on social media and says that new customers are acquired from three sources: recommendations, internet advertising and social media – mainly Instagram. 

If you haven’t set up an Instagram account yet, now is a good time to start looking into it. 

Check out this Instagram Guide we wrote to help you getting started!

Industry Trend #2: The spalon


Maya, Art Director and Trainer/Educator at NATULIQUE Thailand notices that most of her clients have a busy life. They work hard, travel a lot and are often stuck in traffic jams or stressed about work. 

“That’s why I always give my clients a scalp treatment with ‘exfoliative scalp and skin therapy, put a hot towel on the neck, cover the eyes with a soft towel and give clients a good head massage”, Maya explains.

As we describe in a blogpost about the concept of the Spalon, there are many ways how you can improve the spa appeal of your salon.

We’ll be seeing more of these holistic experiences in hair salons in 2020. Clients will appreciate their appointments as a time for relaxation, to be pampered and take a breath from their fast-paced everyday routines.

Industry Trend #3: The savvy hairdresser

expert hairdresser

Due to the internet and visual platforms like Youtube and Instagram, it’s easier than ever for individuals to look up information on hair treatments and easily get into DIY projects – with more or less success.

As Tabatha Coffey, a credentialed business and life coach and style expert on multiple TV shows, highlights in the Salon Trends 2020 report by timely:  

“A lot of businesses I work with get nervous focusing on a niche. They often believe it cuts out part of the market or sends the message that they can only do one thing. This is not the case at all. In fact, coming in and speaking to the strength and expertise you have for a specific service or treatment can actually attract clients.”

More than before, when searching for a hairdresser, clients are looking for expertise and someone they can trust. So, don’t be afraid of highlighting your strengths and showing off your knowledge!

Information on the internet can often be false or misleading. When clients come to the hairdresser, they want to be in the hands of someone they can trust, someone who can truly answer their questions and knows what they are doing

For example, give your customer information on the products you are using on them. Make the process of hair-cutting and styling more transparent. Comment on every step you’re taking and explain what is happening. Give them an inside perspective on your work! 

In the Salon Trends 2020 report, the credentialed business and life coach and style expert Tabatha Coffey explains: 

“Recent surveys have shown that the number one thing clients want is an expert. Clients have said that they will travel further and pay more for the value and experience they want and need. This goes to show that clients don’t measure value by price anymore. They determine value and feel loyalty based on experience. They want to feel that the time spent with us was beneficial, productive and solved the issues that they arrived with.” 

How do you achieve this? Tabathe Coffey mentions three steps you can start with: 

“So, how do you establish yourself as an expert? You can get started with 3 simple steps: 

  1. Identify the needs and problems of your clients
  2. Decide how you can provide solutions to these pain points in a productive manner
  3. Market yourself – let potential clients know that you understand their problems and have the solutions”

Industry Trend #4: The eco-salon


Year after year this trend continues to grow. Nothing less to expect as environmental pollution and waste will only become a more pressing issue with time! 

2019 being a year of realization and waking up to the fact that something needs to happen, 2020 is the year of action! Now is the time to switch to eco-friendly products if you are not already doing so. 

Tabatha Coffey emphasizes how much younger generations value conscious products in the timely Salon Trends 2020 Report

“More than ever, clients care about what is good for them and what is good for the planet. This means looking at alternative products and services that are more sustainable, cut waste and lower our carbon footprint. In 2020, we need to show our clients that we care about their wellbeing, the community and the planet.” 

Filip, the founder and creative director of the NATULIQUE exclusive salon ORGANICS says that the eco-salon is his favourite trend

His salon pioneered new approaches in the hairdressing industry and also serves as a training center for hairdressers. He says: 

“I am very proud to be the first salon in the Czech Republic buying electricity from NANO ENERGIES, which is a Czech provider of electricity, however ONLY and STRICTLY from green sources. So, all the electricity in our salon is green. We are also separating trash – paper, plastic, aluminium, white glass, coloured glass, TETRAPAK’s and common waste. Some of our water pipes are tightened to release less water and I am also planning to install water-savers next year to make sure more water is saved and it’s used more efficiently.”

Maya mentions that the eco salon concept is growing a lot in Asia. “That means more people are concerned about themselves and the environment and that they’re looking for a product that contains less chemicals. NATULIQUE is absolutely perfect for my clients, especially the ‘Natural Colour Line’. Clients are more comfortable and feel relaxed during the colour application”, she says. 

Industry Trend #5: The social salon

It is quite astonishing – while everything becomes automated and digitised, the hair salon is still a very hands-on and face-to-face service. 

Although the personal experience of getting a haircut and an individual consultation can be assisted by a machine or robot, it simply can’t be replaced by technology as a whole – and this should be leveraged by hairdressers!

Unfortunately, this aspect seems to lose importance in this digital world: “With increased popularity in online training and less access to physical teachers, we are also seeing that graduates are showing a weakness in customer service and customer care skills”, says Deb Farnworth-Wood, serial entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

As the world goes digital, the beauty industry shouldn’t forget how important personal interactions are for the wellbeing and satisfaction of their customers.  

Industry Trend #6: The Insta-salon


Again, this may not sound like a new trend and it certainly isn’t. Nevertheless, if your salon’s interior isn’t instagram-friendly yet, we think it is important to aim for it. 

This implies two things: 

  1. You will be able to showcase nice pictures of your workplace and most importantly your hair transformations and work
  2. On top of that, your customers might share your salon interior and their new haircut with their friends on social media!

“Newer salons are aesthetically pleasing with modern and elegant furnishings, and distinct stylized interiors that are luxurious, inviting, and Instagram-worthy”, says Jin Soon, the go-to manicurist for a lot of top editors, photographers, designers and celebrities in New York.

This may sound like a lot of work but we have already written just the right article for you. It provides a few easy steps on how you can upgrade your salon interior to make it social media ready: 3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Salons Aesthetic.

Hopefully, this overview brought some inspiration and made you excited for the future of the hair industry. We find it important to emphasize: Do not stress about working on all of these areas at the same time. Start by picking something that seems interesting and comes natural to you. No need to hop onto every trend. The motto for 2020: Take your time but do things right. Cheers to a new decade!

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