Go grey gracefully

As a hairdresser you can probably recognize this scenario; a client coming in with grey hair – preferably not looking happy – and wanting to change. 

Even if it is a single strand of grey hair.

Maybe you have tried telling them plenty of stories and explanations about how grey hair is a natural part of being human, how grey hair also can be beautiful and the list goes on.

A lot of times your clients probably won’t listen to your great explanations about grey hair – but don’t worry: this blogpost is your rescue! 

In this blogpost you will get:

⭐️Tips on how to get your client to go grey gracefully

⭐️How to guide your clients to take care of their grey hair

⭐️Different ways to go grey

⭐️Benefits from transitioning to grey hair

⭐️Ways to style grey hair gracefully

But first … 

Why does hair turn grey? 

As a hairdresser you know this – but your client probably won’t.

Therefore, it is important to know exactly what to say when your client pops the infamous question: “why does my hair turn grey?”

We tried our best to come up with an explanation that won’t make you lose your client’s interest in the great story of grey hair (feel free to use this next time you need to explain grey hair to a client): 

We have something called hair follicles – and each hair follicle contains pigment cells that produce a protein called melanin. And melanin is the superhero that gives our hair color.

As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicle dies and the hair becomes transparent – which in most cases looks like the color grey.

This blogpost is all about going grey. Because grey hair is not as bad as it sounds. Going grey naturally, for instance, is a beautiful proces that your client not only will remember, but also learn from. 

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and get to know everything you need about going grey.

How to convince your client to go grey

As explained; we all get grey hair eventually. It is inevitable. But it can also be enjoyable (do not shake your head!)

But how do you convince your client that going grey actually can be an option?

First off, grey hair has luckily become a trend. Maybe you have even seen celebrities and influencers rocking hair colours such as ash blond, ash grey, platinum and cool blonde. 

If you haven’t already, take a look on our Instagram where a lot of our hairdressers have made transitions to grey hair, such as the hairstylist Catalin Zimceac did in this post. Feel free to share your own tagging us – we would love to see it!

Grey hair is no longer just  mother nature’s way of telling us we are getting older – it has also become one of the latest trends in the hair industry. Grey hair has been reclaimed in the beauty world.

And what better way to convince your client to go grey than that?

Everyone can go grey – age doesn’t matter! People in their 20’s can go grey gracefully as much as people in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. 

grey hair

Different ways to go grey gracefully

Preventing hair from going grey simply isn’t an option. All we can do is decide how to deal with the glamorous greys.

There is no one way to go grey. There are all sorts of factors to consider including:

⭐️Your client’s natural hair colour (for example blonde hair going grey og brown hair going grey – there is a difference!)

⭐️Your client’s hair type

⭐️How much of your client’s hair is already grey

Every client is different and – thankfully – there are also different ways to go grey. Maybe it’s removing hair colour to go grey, or it is cutting off hair to go grey. Or maybe even colouring the entire hair a grey colour. 

If your client needs to go grey without using hair colour, you can bypass the entire grow-out process by giving your client a short hairstyle, for example a pixie haircut. 

You can also advise your client to get lowlights or highlights to blend in their new glamorous grey with their existing hair colour (psst! here is a few formulas from our stylist group: Platin: 11*11 and a hint of blueberry with 1.5 vol, Dark blonde/grey: equal parts 8.17/8.2). 

But going grey is a lot more than just getting a few highlights or letting the greys grow out – there are also a lot of benefits. 

What kind of benefits you may ask? 

You ask and we will answer!

going grey gracefully

Benefits from transitioning to grey hair

Even though grey hair over the years has been portrayed as something your clients don’t want to have, they can actually benefit from going grey.

As a hairdresser, it is a good idea to know these benefits, for example if your client needs to go grey (e.g. because of sickness or allergies). Going grey does not happen overnight, and it can be an emotional rollercoaster for your client.

The benefits from transitioning to grey hair are for example:

💛No more worrying about getting the roots colored every few months

💛Confidence (!) going grey gracefully is a beautiful change and can increase your client’s confidence 

💛No more fights against ageing – which shouldn’t even be a fight in the first place (but that’s another story) 

💛Going grey is a perfect way to get out of the endless cycle of dyeing the hair 

You can create a great relationship with your clients by supporting them in their journey to go grey and give them advice, tips and tricks on how to feel confident in embracing their greys. 

You can keep your income by guiding your clients to the absolute best retail for their embraced grey hair. And advising them on how to use them.  Not to mention cutting their hair, of course! 

In the following section, we’ll share what we believe to be the essential hair care remedy for grey hair.

Guide: how to take care of grey hair 

When the hair turns grey, the texture of the hair often changes, which means you need to give your client advice on how to treat their greys.

Go grey gracefully with purple shampoo

Purple shampoo is a must-have when going grey. 

Technically speaking, yellow is the last pigment to leave the hair. Therefore grey hair can look yellow pretty easily, if it is not kept in good condition with the right products. 

Therefore, you can advise your clients to use purple shampoo. Purple shampoo neutralises brassiness caused by heat styling, product build-up and environmental pollutants.

Luckily, at NATULIQUE we have the perfect products for you and your client to use. In our Pure Silver family we have a Silver Shampoo, Silver Conditioner and a Silver Mousse. All perfect products that are great for grey, ashy and blonde hair. 

silver shampoo

Nourish the grey locks

While the condition of the  grey hair can vary from client to client, you can almost certainly count on your client to have drier hair. 

Grey hair needs a lot of nourishment and care, compared to non-grey hair. The best way to make your client’s grey hair look softer and healthier is to use hydrating and smoothing hair products such as our Nourishing hair care line and our Moroccan argan oil.

heat protector

Protection from heat and the sun

With purple shampoo and nourishment the last thing your client needs in their going grey guide is heat protectant

Grey hair is a bit more porous, and therefore it is important to protect your client’s glamorous greys from heat and the sun. 

Heat and sun protector from NATULIQUE is added with beneficial oils and extracts to deeply penetrate your client’s hair shafts, hydrate the hair and protect it from the heat and sun all day.

And there you have it! Your perfect guide to advise your clients to go grey gracefully. Make sure to share your best tips and tricks on our Instagram and Facebook. Or send us an email. 

With love,