When it comes untamed creativity and personal fulfilment hardly any profession in this world compares to hairdressing. Again and again studies have shown that hairdressing has ranked amongst the top professions in terms of job satisfaction. (e.g. this survey from the UK). Two of our beloved NATULIQUE Family members shared the secrets behind their happy choice – can you relate?



When it comes to happiness at work, research shows that two in five hairdressers declare themselves highly satisfied with their jobs. There is no wonder why, considering that each day is filled with new challenges and clients who genuinely appreciate your work. You are, after all, the one who makes them look and feel wonderful!

Asked about how her job makes her feel, Amanda Gath Goodman from Amanda Jane Salon told us: „I absolutely love everything about my job! In fact, I don’t consider my craft a job, I think of it as a privilege. I’m extremely fortunate and blessed to be able to do what I love every day. The best part of hairdressing for me is making my guests feel better about themselves and the world one highlight at a time. You can not put a price tag on someone walking out of my salon feeling better about themselves and loving their hair.”

For Melanie Waters from Bellaroe Salon, her happiness comes from her clients’ satisfaction: „Honestly it doesn’t feel like a job or work at all, I was given a blank canvas to paint on and clients that are always happy to see me. It is always humbling to have them place their trust in my creative ability. The best part of my day though is being given the chance to lift a client’s confidence and self-image. I volunteered at a women’s refuge last year giving free haircuts and styles. It was very rewarding to witness a spark come to life in each woman after their hair was transformed.”

Combining work with passion

The Happy Profession: Why hairdressing is one of best jobs in the world

Both Melanie and Amanda think that they were born with this passion and it’s true; as a hairdresser, you need to have a strong artistic orientation and be friends with aesthetics. It’s a profession which offers you the freedom to express your art but, at the same time, you need to show some spark! Of course, everything can be cultivated and as well can be creativity.

„I grew up in a small country town that required having to travel an hour and a half to school by bus. To kill the time, I started braiding my friends’ hair. I think nearly every girl on the bus walked off each morning with an elaborate hairstyle. I loved that my imagination was the only thing limiting me and that I always lost track of time as I became engrossed in what I was doing. I didn’t even realise at the time that I had found my passion, but looking back now, I know that’s definitely when the fire was lit”, says Melanie.

„I believe I was born with this passion, ever since I was old enough to remember, all I wanted to be was a hairdresser creating beautiful colours to complement someone’s individual style. I did a week of work placement in high school and I was 100% committed and addicted ever since”, says Amanda about how her hairdressing story started.



Nothing is more satisfying than working in a field that you are truly passionate about! You should always be aware of how lucky you were to find your passions early in life and pursue them into a fulfilling, well-paying career. Plus, as this wasn’t enough… hairdressing is such a flexible profession! Forget about the 9-5 program – you can be your own boss and work whenever suits you the best!

Personal development

The Happy Profession: Why hairdressing is one of best jobs in the world

This profession is changing so fast, that there are always new trends in the industry that you need to keep updated with. Ultimately, as a hairdresser, you never stop learning! No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, you can always participate in trainings or you can get to know new products. For example, Melanie faced the need of switching to a more natural-based coloring system, in order to protect her and her clients’ health: „Hairdressing is such a massive part of who I am but unfortunately, after 20 years of working with chemicals, my body started to become intolerant to fumes. I was faced with having to quit my passion for the sake of my health… then I found NATULIQUE, 5 years later, and I am still joyously hairstyling and learning something new all the time! NATULIQUE is a cut above the rest in terms of colour quality, duty of care to our clients and stylist support and it is exactly what hairdressing needed to evolve to. I feel really blessed to have found it”, says Melanie.

All NATULIQUE products are based on certified organic ingredients, supporting hairdressers from all over the world to nurture their passion in the most healthy and conscious way possible. About her experience with NATULIQUE, Amanda told us: „NATULIQUE fulfills so many of my dreams… I adore the fact that I can work in a safe and clean environment every day and not put my clients at risk. The NATULIQUE colour range is truly amazing to work with, it is limitless, you are only limited by your imagination. I love the fact that everything is environmentally conscious and not tested on animals and that the packaging is recyclable”, says Amanda.

Being part of a community


One of the greatest things about being a hairdresser is the empowering the community that comes with it. Instead of competing, we support each other. An excellent example of this is the NATULIQUE family. In the Facebook community NATULIQUE stylists, training sessions or international events, NATULIQUE hairdresser from all around the world are helping each other out, share advice and formulas: We’re learning from and growing with each other.

Let us know – how do you feel about hairdressing?

Why should you, therefore, be happy and proud about working in the hairdressing industry? We let Amanda and Melanie explain…

„If creating comes naturally to you, if you love people and find joy in making them smile, then embrace the hairdressing industry with open arms! Don’t limit yourself in any way. I have gained a skill that I can take anywhere with very little tools to carry around. I happily work from home now after working in salons around Australia. Don’t put yourself in a box, because the sky really is the limit in this ever changing, exciting industry.” – says Melanie.

„Anyone who is aspiring to enter our industry needs to have a passion for people and hair, it’s not a job, it’s deeper than a job and it’s personal. I’ve got clients that I’ve had from the very beginning of my career – that’s 17 years! These beautiful people have been investing in me and that’s an honour, not a job. Anyone should give it a go, it will be the most creative and rewarding thing you will do. It’s a lot of hard work and sometimes it can be less pleasant, it’s true, but all that is outweighed by the lovely people who will become a big part of your life. The hairdressing industry can open up so many new doors to exciting and challenging opportunities. Every part of our industry is worth it!” – says Amanda.

Thank you both Amanda and Melanie for your wonderful insights – it made us proud to be supporting you in your wonderful work! As for you, fellow well-established hairdressers and newbies, we are highly inspired by your passion and keep in mind: you’re lucky to be having one of the happiest professions in the world!