Your city is recommending everyone to stay at home, your salon is closed and you’re practicing physical distancing?

Many of us are bored and twisting thumbs thinking of what we could do during this time.

We are reading books, watching netflix, catching up with a lot of friends – but also, we are looking for something useful to spend time with.

We at NATULIQUE have three ideas on how you can spend your time creating something that will last beyond the lockdown, that helps your career or business to blossom even though you can’t be working on the actual craft of cutting hair.

1. Do a hairdressing course from home with NATULIQUE!

At the NATULIQUE Academy, we offer three online courses to support our NATULIQUE Family in the use of our products.

We recommend starting by doing the newest course with Ruby Burne on the upcoming Trends and Fashion of the Spring and Summer of 2020.

It’s a great course to just dip your toes into the academy and see what it actually does.

With 7 Step to Perfect Results you can learn the basics of the NATULIQUE system from the comfort of your home.

hairdressers online course

It is a 5 part course, hosted by our Master Educator NATULIQUE Global HQ Miluska Braat, and will cover everything from the hair structure to the color wheel of NATULIQUE.

The course is entirely for free and when you finish the course, we’ll send you our NATULIQUE Consultation Sheet for you to use, also free of charge.

Second, we offer a course called NATULIQUE Natural Colour 101 hosted by our Master Educator NATULIQUE Australia Lynell Dumont. This course costs $50.

Are you not part of the academy yet?

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    2. Figure out how to best use Instagram as a Hairdresser from home!

    Figuring out how to best use Instagram as a hairdresser might mean different things for each of you.

    While some of you might already know what you want to get out of Instagram, others might want to use this time to get started with the platform.

    In the NATULIQUE blog, you will find multiple articles that can help you – no matter what step you are at in your social media journey.

    If you want a very thorough guide on how to get started with Instagram, what to pay attention to and detailed step-by-step instructions, you should definitely read our Hairdressers Instagram Guide

    hairdressers instagram guide

    We cover how to set up a profile, ideas for content and how to put it up, tips on interacting with your followers, hashtags and tags in your posts, and a mini-introduction to Instagram Stories.

    Which brings us to our next blog: A hairdressers guide to Instagram Stories.

    You may have been on Instagram for a while and post regularly, but can’t quite seem to figure out how to make the best use of the Stories on Instagram? Then this is the blog you should be reading.

    Family tip! In this time, your clients will also spend much more time on social media!
    This is a great opportunity for you to share some of the knowledge on the products they use at home. Maybe do a live Instagram session with your favourite hair and scalp regimen that can inspire your clients to make a “spa treat” at home. It’s all about continuing to build relationships with your loved clients. You could also share your favourite recipe on Espresso Martini like Jay from Crown London did.
    hairdresser instagram stories

    We cover why you should use Instagram Stories for your Hair Salon’s Instagram and what you need to know if it’s your first time using this function.

    We offer pro-tips for a hairdresser’s Instagram Story and an introduction to Instagram Highlights and what they can be used for.

    Lastly, the blog post gives tips on how to be strategic with your Instagram Stories and even offers a short introduction to IGTV (Instagram TV), Instagram’s newest video feature.

    The third blog we can recommend is if you are struggling with the visual presentation on your Instagram account. We have written a Hair Salon Photo Guide for Before and After Transformations.

    Hair salon photo guide on before and after transformations

    In this post, we cover equipment, lighting, background, composition and the dos and don’ts around hairstyle photography.

    You will learn everything you need to know about how to take a good before and after picture that you can use on social media.

    These three guides offer some great material to get into while you’re spending time at home. Also, a great time to get started and play around with content you already have on Instagram and posting throwbacks!

    3. Listen to podcasts about hair from home!

    Podcasts can be a fun thing to do, whether you are laying on the couch, cooking a meal, or cleaning the house. Even better if you can connect it to your passion! 

    podcast hairdressers

    In this blogpost you can find a list of podcast episodes that we recommend! They are sure to fill the hours of your day with entertaining stories and educational lessons – a great mix if you ask us.

    We hope that this gives you some ideas of what to do while you are at home! Remember that you are not alone. The entire NATULIQUE Family is with you. Stay home and stay safe <3