Updated: Monday, July 27, 2020

Are you looking for some cute summer looks? Look no further! We have gathered the top 4 summer looks for you!

The timeless sleeked back hairstyle, the wild beach waves and the freshly cut bob are our favourite looks of the season!

It’s no wonder so many celebrities wear these looks…

Keep on reading, stock up on NATULIQUE’s range of styling products, and get ready to create these fresh hairstyles in your salon!

Summer Look #1: The Sleek Back Hairstyle

Summer Hair Style

Original photo before illustration: Sunday Style Australia

A timeless classic. It can be both casual and formal, dressed up or down. Ideal for the variety that hot summer days and nights bring!

If you have brave clients ready to try out something new, there is no better hairdo to fit their fierce personality.

How to do it? You create the sleeked back hairstyle by pushing the hair backward either by hand or with a comb.

NATULIQUE’s Flexible Hold Styling Gel, as well as the Medium Hold and Extreme Hold Hair Waxes are perfect to keep the hair in place.

Check out how you can combine NATULIQUE products to give this classic a modern twist in our blog post on Mixing & Matching.

Note that this hairstyle can be a success not only for male clients, but also for women! Although it is often associated with a masculine look, this sexy hairstyle can be transformed into a chic and feminine look as well.

Throughout time, legends and celebrities such as Elvis Presley, John Travolta, Michael Douglas, David Beckham, Scarlett Johansson and many more wore this classy, timeless look.

It’s no wonder that hairstylists still love it. It combines refinement and rebelliousness in the best way possible!

Summer Look #2 Beachy Waves

Beachy Summer Waves

Original photo before illustration: Pinterest

There is something special about the salty beach air that makes us feel and look amazingly good – and our hair truly radiant and natural!

Even though it may seem quite easy to achieve this beachy hair look, it’s not always a bed of roses. It depends on the client’s hair structure.

For more texture, the hair can be prepared with NATULIQUE’s Volume Shape Hair Mousse before styling to add volume and hold. But also for increased manageability and defined curls!

Once the hair is prepped, you can start curling it as carefree and unstructured as possible. Just wrap random sections of hair around the curling iron or a hair wand, and hold them for 3-5 seconds. You can try doing it in different directions to avoid uniformity!

Once the hair is all curled, make sure you separate the waves with your fingers while misting with hair spray. Don’t be afraid to leave the ends straight for a more relaxed result!

NATULIQUE’s  Beach Wave Ocean Spray is a must have for this season. This hair spray is enriched with certified organic seaweed, aloe vera and natural sea salt infusion. It helps to create natural waves with enhanced texture and extra volume.

After applying it, the hair will look just like it naturally air dried after a day at the beach – we promise!

Summer Look #3: Sun-kissed highlights

sun kissed highlights

Original photo before illustration: Pinterest

As the sun gradually and naturally lightens up our hair colours, summertime is the perfect time to obtain beautiful highlights!

However, clients might want to get this perfect look all year long, so why not create them right in your salon?

NATULIQUE’s Balance Sparkling Shine is an ammonia free, lauryl sulfate free, and parabens free professional permanent hair colour. It is perfect for creating soft highlights, instant illumination and an authentic sun-kissed effect that your clients will absolutely adore.

Even if you use a hand painting or foil technique, Balance Sparkling Shine helps you prep your clients’ hair for summer in no time!

Summer Look #4: Funky Bob

Funky bob look

Original photo before illustration: Stylesart

Our final top summer look is the chic bob haircut! If your clients want to try out something new and daring this summer, shorter hair may seem to be the perfect choice!

You can cut the classic bob haircut for any length and with your own modern twist so your clients will feel they get a very unique yet trendy hairstyle. And you can let your creativity run free!

You can never run out of ideas when it comes to bob haircuts! The longer bob aka the lob is mostly suitable for round-shaped faces, so we suggest to firstly make sure the hairstyle you’re creating fits your clients’ features.

As far as styling is concerned, you can opt either for a curly or slicked style.

Read on to get some inspiration on how to effortlessly add texture!

For a smooth and silky end-result, apply some drops of our Moroccan Oil on the hair strands before styling it with a round brush. It will smoothen split ends and frizz, and it’s extremely beneficial for dry or damaged hair.

Before blow drying or using the flat iron, make sure you apply the Heat Protector. It will protect the hair strands and increase shine, while allowing you to heat-style the clients’ hair without concerns!

Probably the most important aspect you should consider when styling a bob haircut is definition. If you haven’t tried NATULIQUE’s new Hygge Hair Spray Wax yet, now is the time to do so! Its lightweight formula will keep the hairstyle in place and add texture for a natural easy-going look.

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