Balayage Technique Training

by Jay Lefèvre of Crown London

In the above video, you will find Jay Lefèvre of Crown London showing off his techniques for Balayage. It is an excellent video for Balayage Technique Training and we hope you will watch it. We encourage you to skip around it in moving back and forward.

Be aware that there are two models in this video:

First Model: Eli

Roots: 5.2 + 6.0 with 30 vol (9%) – smudged from roots to eyes.
Backcomb balayage with Whitener with 30 vol (9%) and 11.2 with 40 vol (12%) from mid-length to ends.

Second Model: Victoria

Whitener with 30 vol (9%)
11.2 with 40 vol (12%)
7.2 + 6.0 with 30 vol (9%)

TIP: When Balayaing with this technique, go one level up in your peroxide (Activator) as there will be no use of foils which will lower the level of lift.

Extra NATULIQUE Balayage Technique Tip

Have you tried to Balayage with the NATULIQUE BALANCE Sparkling Shine?