Project Description

Chic Deep Mahogany and Chestnut

Sabrina from Paris.
Coloured by Key NATULIQUE distributor Rodolphe Diotel.

In the front of the hair:
Mix NATULIQUE colour 6.44
with NATULIQUE Activator (30%)

In the back of the hair:
Mix NATULIQUE colour 5.77
with NATULIQUE Activator (10%)

Leave in for approximately 20 minutes.

Work with our brush to creative a patina effect with two different colour combinations:
1) NATULIQUE colour 6.44 with Activator (5%)
2) NATULIQUE whitener with Activator (30%)
Leave in for an additional 10 minutes or until you get the desired effect.

Rinse and nourish with NATULIQUE hair wash. Close cuticles with NATULIQUE Colour Shield Treatment.

Styled with NATULIQUE Curl Defining Cream for shine and flexibility and NATULIQUE Medium Hold Hairspray to fixate the hair.

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