From Black Blox-dyen Hair to a Beautiful Natural Dark Brown

by Ruby Byrne, Master Training NATULIQUE United Kingdom

You have probably been faced with this challenge before; A client comes to your salon, and she has been home colouring her hair a bit too much… Talented Ruby Byrne, NATULIQUE Master Educator, shows you how she finds the best way to get rid of a really block dark colour, and gives beautiful Chiara a natural makeover 👌🌱 Amazing result!


Foils through the hair with NATULIQUE Whitener 40 Vol (12%) to lift out the black colour (ratio 1:1).

Roots and Toning 1: 5.77 with 10 vol.
(Roots left for 15 minutes before the toner was applied)

Toner 2: 10 g. of 3.85 + 5 g. of 5.81 + 5g. of 0.81 with vol. 30 (ratio 1:1)
(Left for 15 minutes)