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Become and expert in Hair Restoration with Scandinavian Bioscience

This training is very hands-on on the NATULIQUE Natural Colour system.

Join us to view the scalp and hair follicle at a magnification of 10,000 times to identify scalp and follicle conditions. Learn how using NATULIQUE Hair Growth system products has been scientifically proved to grow hair. Increase your service sales and double your retail opportunities!

Date: April 19th, 2018
Time: 10 am – 2 pm
Price: $49.00


In this hands-on training, we will show you how to analyse the hair scalp and to get the best possible result from the NATULIQUE Hair Growth System

*There will be tea and coffee and you will receive a certification of completion

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About the Educator: Kathy Lammons

Kathy is an exclusively NATULIQUE Organic Stylist that specializes in hair growth and scalp restoration. Her extensive speciality training on scalp and follicle issues have enabled her to skyrocket her career making an invaluable difference to men and woman alike. Her education specifically addresses learning to effectively utilize a scalp camera and microscope to identify issues to be addressed. She has created a highly profitable in-salon service that your clients will fall in love with. The addition of weekly visits for this service will massively increase revenues. All using NATULIQUE’s Scandinavian Bioscience. Kathy has retail sales exceeding 40k dollars per year. She loves to share her amazing retail abilities with your team. Learn the key points to each NATULIQUE product and how to encourage at home use for your clientele. Kathy’s mild-mannered sincere disposition help her to be a strong educator and an inspiration to team members. She is patient and diligent in her training and will ensure each person is set up for success!

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We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to learn about a line that can change the way you do hair and help you gain clients that are on the search for the stylists who practices sustainable beauty.

We hope you will join us.

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