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Mixologist | Sydney NSW

27 June 2021, Sydney, Australia

Chantal Haberland will be your host educator and has extensive knowledge of the NATULIQUE brand and product range. Her career has spanned over 20 years working with some of the industry’s elite hairdressers including the likes of Errol Douglas and with photographers like Andrew O’Toole and David Mannah which featured articles in the Sydney Morning Herald as a finalist in AHFA NSW Hairdresser of the Year awards.

Chantal’s experience has taken her all over the world to work on events such as Fashion Week in Paris and Milan and was honored to be part of the Australian hairdressing FAME team.



  • Recap on Natulique numbering system
  • Recap on the power of consultation
  • Consultation presentation
  • Colour correction
  • Creative colouring