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NATULIQUE deeply wants to raise the standards and increase awareness of the cruel animal testing that takes place in the beauty industry. No one should suffer for beauty, which is why we have added the vegan certification to selected NATULIQUE hair care products. None of the NATULIQUE products are tested on animals, and never have been. The vegan certification from the Vegan Society is a symbol of the clear stand we take against animal cruelty, and it assures you that no animal testing or animal ingredients are in the products.

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Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Everyday Hairwash

A mild and balanced shampoo that restores moisture to the hair and scalp.

Everyday Hairwash >

Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Moisture Hairwash

Specially developed for the treatment of dry and chemically treated hair in order to restore and add moisture and nourishment.

Moisture Hairwash >

Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Volume Hairwash

The ultimate health and nourishment for the hair. Contributing with a beautiful and natural looking full volume hair without leaving in appearing dry and boring.

Volume Hairwash >

Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Everyday Conditioner

An ultra gentle conditioner to nourish and feed your hair with certified organic ingredients, leaving it healthy, light and natural with no build-up or silicone residues.

Everyday Conditioner >

Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Moisture Conditioner

The ultimate conditioner to soften, protect, hydrate and nourish dull, damaged and parched hair, with no hazardous chemicals. Great for shine, detangling and easy maintenance.

Moisture Conditioner >

Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Volume Conditioner

An advanced complex of Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Oil, Glycerin and other beneficial ingredients helps to regenerate thinning hair and effectively boosts volume.

Volume Conditioner >

Intensive Hair Mask

Intensive Hair Mask

NATULIQUE Deep Penetrating Intensive Hair Mask is an intensive treatment with highly beneficial active ingredients to ensure healthy and shiny hair.

Intensive Hair Mask >


Beach Wave Ocean Spray

Certified Organic natural beach wave creator to simulate a luscious, instant beach look with overall improved texture.

Beach Wave Ocean Spray >

Rejuvenating Hair Mist

A new Certified Organic refreshing therapeautic hair mist to fortify, moisturize and soften hair while making your hair smell amazing!

Rejuvenating Hair Mist >

Scalp Therapy

Exfoliative Scalp Therapy

A new Certified Organic intensive scalp treatment, with vegan-friendly Urea to effectively soothe, heal and protect dry, irritated and sensitive, itchy, scalps.

Exfoliative Scalp Treatment

Vegan Friendly Root Lifter

Root Lifter Volume Tonic

Instantly lifts hair directly from the scalp and roots, creating tons of volume, essential for thinning hair. A few quick sprays ensure damp hair for easy styling.
NATULIQUE Root Lifter Volume Tonic >

Vegan Friendly Silver Shampoo

Pure Silver Shampoo

Vegan Certified Anti-Yellow Shampoo with tons of beneficial ingredients. Certified organic blueberry, mango and aloe vera nourish and protect while neutralising unwanted yellow tones.
NATULIQUE Pure Silver Shampoo >

Vegan Friendly Silver Conditioner

Pure Silver Conditioner

Vegan Certified Anti-Yellow Shampoo with tons of beneficial ingredients. Certified organic blueberry, mango and aloe vera nourish and protect while neutralising unwanted yellow tones.

NATULIQUE Pure Silver Conditioner >

Vegan Friendly Silver Mousse

Pure Silver Hair Mousse

Inspired by the fashionable Danish ash and cool grey hair colour trends, the NATULIQUE Pure Silver Hair Mousse is a leave-in conditioner, perfect for detangling and fantastic as an on-the-go conditioning treatment.

NATULIQUE Pure Silver Mousse >

Protective Hand Cream

Provides gentle care to rescue hardworking dry hands, nails and skin. Helps to keep skin soft and prevents the discomfort of chapped skin, while vitalising tired hands. A thin protective layer provides optimal all-day protection for hard-working hands, and more durable, healthier hands.

NATULIQUE Protective Hand Cream >

protective handwash

Protective Handwash

A nourishing and moisturising hand soap to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate hands. Certified Organic Aloe, Ginger and fresh Apple combats the harsh effects of regular exposure to water, heat and chemicals while vitamins and antioxidants soften the skin and prevent signs of ageing.

NATULIQUE Protective Handwash >


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