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NATULIQUE Washington

NATULIQUE Washington distributor Lone Holt may live in the Pacific Northwest, but her true roots are from Denmark — one of the greenest countries in the world — and that just happens to be where NATULIQUE originated.

As a professionally trained colorist, Lone uses NATULIQUE simply because it is the best natural hair color on the market.

Sharing Healthy Values

In addition to sharing the same healthy hair values as NATULIQUE such as no toxic chemicals, no animal testing, and no synthetic ingredients, Lone has a strong passion for helping other stylists and salons achieve beautiful hair with healthy, plant-based Hair Care.
Achieving beauty with nature—root to root – is Lone’s mission

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  • Color performance: 100% grey coverage with a natural color!
  • Color options: Over 72 shades of natural colors, pastels, men’s color, PPD free ZERO color
  • 360 BIOCERT: global ethos raising the standards for products within the salon industry
  • Sustainability: A company dedicated to sustainability and zero forestry impact, using rock paper.
  • Integrity: Founders and team members who live by a mission of transparency and ethics that reflect genuine integrity within their products.
NATULIQUE Washington

“My father-in-law once told me, ”Those Danes are hearty people!” And, yes. Yes, we are. If you know me, I’m direct and confident. But, I also bring a robust energy to the table-the same dynamic spirit driven by nature that I had as a child and that still resonates in me today. I contribute my unwavering and passionate personality to my upbringing in Denmark, where I was encouraged to be an independent and ambitious person. After studying in London to become a hair stylist, my life changed forever, and I’m proud to say that this Danish girl flourished in the Beauty industry in both Europe and America.

Now, I’m doing something I’m passionate about and in the comfort of my own home. As an Entrepreneur, I am building my brand on my terms – free to take the risks needed to get to the next level. And, I’m lucky to spend the precious time needed with my husband of 17 years and two amazing daughters instead of working on someone else’s time and dime. As the proud owner of DaneStyles and Washington’s official distributor, my mission is to help other stylists and salons achieve beautiful results with all-natural, high-quality hair care.”

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