Updated: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Veganism gains more popularity all around the world. Every year, more people commit to the vegan lifestyle.

But what does the beauty industry have to do with veganism?

In this post, we explain why NATULIQUE teamed up with The Vegan Society and why we want to continuously work towards making their philosophy an integrated part of our company.

On what grounds has NATULIQUE built its vegan principles?

Today, hairdressers are faced with more and more questions from clients like “are your products tested on animals?”, “do you use vegan-friendly styling products?” or “are the hair colours cruelty-free?”

The environmentally responsible consumers want to make sure their conscience stays clean and they want products that are in line with their values. Even many artists have chosen to go vegan themselves as a consequence of becoming more aware through their line of work.

As a socially responsible brand, we love seeing that criticism of animal-cruelty in the conventional beauty industry is rising. And we love that our NATULIQUE family is right behind us!

The actions we’ve taken

We deeply respect the vegan way of living for its mindfulness towards our animal friends. Therefore, NATULIQUE has never used animal testing for its products and never will!

We continuously strive to improve ourselves and improve the ways we can support the NATULIQUE family. We want to be more than just cruelty-free.

We want to take a stand for animal welfare to support our vegan hairdressers and their vegan clients. In 2017, we took the first big step of many and teamed up with The Vegan Society. We did this to certify selected NATULIQUE products officially as “vegan”, to support their mission and hold ourselves to higher standards than we had before.

Before being able to change the beauty industry for the better, we had to look within ourselves first.

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Today, we can proudly say that we have added many more vegan certified products to our line. In the future, we strive to produce vegan-friendly options only.

We are strongly determined to contribute to a better, safer and more conscious environment, and we believe going vegan in the production of our products is the first step in doing so.

Who is The Vegan Society?

As the oldest and most experienced vegan community, The Vegan Society is the perfect partner to support us on our vegan journey.

Being the creator of the word “vegan” itself, the UK-based non-profit organization has been promoting veganism since 1944. A dedicated team fights to reduce animal suffering every day – an issue that is one of the core principles of NATULIQUE.

Alongside creating awareness, the certification of products through the vegan trademark is a fundamental part of their work. The trademark makes life as a vegan a lot easier and holds brands accountable for their product standards.

What does the certification stand for?

Vegan Society

Before a product is approved to carry The Vegan Society’s sunflower-logo, it has to meet strict criteria.

Most importantly: “The manufacture and/or development of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative or testing of any sort of animals”.

The registration of each product is renewed annually to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Find out more about The Vegan Society’s certification standards here.

Our certified vegan products

At the begging of our vegan journey in 2017, we started with 6 vegan certified products. Now, we have added 17 more – something we are deeply proud of. Feel free to explore our vegan product family.

If you liked this article, you can learn more about our stand in the fight against animal testing here.

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We are proud to say that we have been empowering hair artists to implement sustainability in their craft for more than 20 years with our wholesome hair care systems! If you are looking for a new, sustainable, and low-tox alternative that will abundantly satisfy the needs of your clients  

– Join the NATULIQUE Family and help us give hairdressing a new green look! 

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