As a well-educated hairdresser you probably go through the ingredient list on products before using them on yourself and clients.

Knowing the benefits of the ingredients and how they help your client’s hair has multiple benefits. It will not only fill you with confidence when working magic in your salon. It will also make you more secure when advising clients about which products to buy and take home after their salon visit. Or when they drop in from the street with questions or concerns about their hair!

Hair questions from customers

We want to talk about a superhero ingredient, Panthenol. 

Why? Because we believe it deserves the attention. After reading this post we promise you will too!

What is Panthenol?

Panthenol is frequently used and it is most likely you have met it as part of an ingredient list.

Panthenol sounds dangerous. Is it even safe for you and your hair?

Let’s break it down.

What is Panthenol

So, is this ingredient safe?

Panthenol is also called Vitamin B5.

It is totally safe for you and your hair.

Actually, it’s safe and absolutely amazing for you, your hair and even your skin!

Panthenol is not dangerous. The European Commission has no cosmetic restriction on this ingredient, and it is considered non-toxic. So, there is nothing to be scared about when you use products with Panthenol – only things to be thrilled about!

  • TYPE OF INGREDIENT: Hair and skin repair

  • WHAT IT DOES: Controls water loss in hair and skin

  • MAIN BENEFITS: Keeps hair and scalp hydrated and moist, enters the hair shaft and penetrates the cuticle, relieves itchiness.

  • EWG SCORE: 1

Where does Panthenol come from?

Panthenol chemical formula

Panthenol is derived from plants and is the provitamin of B5. A provitamin means that the body converts it into vitamin B5 in the skin.

Vitamin B5 is also known as Pantothenic acid. Pantothenic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin that occurs organically and is found in all living organisms. It’s one of the most essential vitamins for our body to function properly as it turns the food we eat into energy.

Besides this, vitamin B5 is widely known for stimulating and boosting overall skin- and hair with its repairing and moistening properties.

Panthenol is a liquid  in room temperature and appears in beauty and cosmetic products all over the world. If you take a look in your bathroom cabinet you will probably find the ingredient listed on a lot of your personal care products!

Other names for Panthenol

You will often see Panthenol being called Provitamin B5 in advertising literature.  Sometimes you will also see the popular ingredient listed under other names such as Dexpanthenol, d-pantotenyl alcohol, bepanthen or butanamide..

Why is Panthenol so Good in Hair Care Products?

Panthenol has several beneficial components when added to hair and skin care formula. You will see it used in hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and styling essentials.  

Keep reading and we guarantee you will share our excitement about Panthenol.

Long-lasting moisture illustration

Long-Lasting Moisture

Panthenol is well-known for working as an incredible moisturising agent.

Why? Panthenol is a humectant, which means it is a substance used to maintain moisture – a wetting property.

When applied to hair and scalp it penetrates moisture into lower skin layers and deep into each hair strand and hair shaft. It prevents breakage caused from harsh brushing and styling by protecting hair fibres.

Provides Hair with Volume and Hold

Does your clients often asks for more volume in their hair?

Well, say no more!

Due to Panthenol’s amazing ability of bonding to the hair, the ingredient makes each hair strand stronger, softer and more persistent.

Amazing, right? This means that Panthenol results in more full-looking and movable hair!

Use our Volume Hairwash and Conditioner, style with our Volume Shape Hair Mousse or our Root Lifter Volume Tonic and leave your clients stunned by your work.

Your clients will leave your salon with the biggest smile on their face!

Persistent and strong hair

Keeps Hair Hydrated

Environmental conditions like hard climates and air pollution can cause your hair and skin to loose water. Long hours in the sun will as well cause the hair to dry out because of dehydration..

Most people are aware of how to protect their skin against UV rays and environmental damage, and uses sunscreen and facial cleansing products as part of their daily routine. The same should apply for protecting scalp and hair.

Environmental pollution illustrated

Ultraviolet radiation harms the protein chains in the cuticle leaving the hair destroyed and dull. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the scalp is part of our skin, the largest organ on our body. Our scalp is the highest skin point of and is therefore even more exposed to these harmful UV rays and sunburns.

Puff, when are coming to the good and happy part?

Just one more thing and we promise you’ll feel happy again in a second.

Do your clients love to use the curly wand and hair straightener when getting ready in the morning or before going out? These tools sure creates beautiful results..

But! Another way of causing the hair to loose water and dry out is daily exposure to heat styling tools without using protection. And as we age, our ability to keep that water loss to a minimum gets even more difficult..

Panthenol to the rescue!

Girl shouting panthenol

Panthenol binds and holds water molecules.

In other words, it pulls water from the air and thereby keeps water in the hair and scalp. This superpower results in more elasticity, hydration and moisture given to hair and scalp.

So, Panthenol actually compensate for some of the water loss due to environmental exposure.

Ahhh, all happy again!

Our NATULIQUE Curl Defining Hair Cream, Nourishing Hair Cream and Heat and Sun Protection all contain Panthenol to give the best heat protection possible in cooperation with the other ingredients.

We always recommend that you provide your clients with some heat protecting styling products to minimize harm, and keep their hair and scalp moist.

See, we promised you’ll get all happy again!

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

You know how tattoo artists advocate clients to use Panthenol lotion to help healing tattoos? If not, now you do.

As mentioned, Panthenol helps to control water loss and captivate moisture. This speeds up wound healing, skin regeneration and helps reduce skin irritation. We can with confidence say that Panthenol is an amazing ingredient for an itchy and irritated scalp!

Our NATULIQUE Intensive Hair Mask and Rejuvenating Hair Mist contain Panthenol. When used together with Exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy, you can give your client a nourishing and healing scalp treatment.

Maybe even a Scandinavian Scalp treatment?
Panthenol reduces skin irritation

We assured you that giving attention to Panthenol would be justified. We hope you found that we kept our promise!

When explaining all the wonders of Panthenol to your clients, here are some bullet points:

List of benefits of Panthenol

You can find the amazing vitamin b5 in a numerous of NATULIQUE products. Be sure to look after this hero on the ingredient list.

Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments if you have any questions regarding Panthenol/Vitamin B5.

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