Today people all over the world are celebrating World Water Day to give our most vital natural resource the attention it deserves. As hairdressers, water plays a major role in your daily work.

Apart from water saving and the prevention of further pollution of Earth’s natural waters, we also want to talk about the effect water quality has on our hair and wellbeing. Both our hair and skin are vastly affected by the quality of water used during our beauty rituals.

In NATULIQUE’s home country Denmark, we are lucky enough to have one of the best and most environmentally friendly tap water in the world. Denmark has a long history with finding the most innovative solutions to preserve water quality. Its whole sanitary system is meant to ensure that tap water can be safely consumed by its citizens and, very important for us, included in the production process of safe and clean products, like our colours and styling products.

Is your salon located in a place where the water is particularly hard or soft?

In the next paragraph you’ll find out what effect your water has on your clients’ hair and how you can deal with it!

What does hard water mean for your hair?

Unfortunately many countries worldwide are facing the problem of hard water, containing a high quantity of magnesium and calcium deposits. If your hair shows a tendency to be dull, dry, tangly and way too frizzy, the main culprit might be the hard water it is being washed with. After several washes, the minerals from the hard water can cause build-up and even dandruff. Also, retaining colour will become a much more difficult process as it will fade much quicker and get brassy tones.

A good tip to find out about your location’s water quality is to observe how the shampoo behaves when it’s applied on damp hair: If it doesn’t foam easily, you’re probably living in a hard water area.

However, do not panic! With the right products applied on a regular basis, the hair’s natural moist level will be efficiently restored and the build-ups will be removed in no time. The highly hydrating, clarifying shampoos and quality conditioners are two must-have products to reach the hair shine and softness you desire. NATULIQUE’s Everyday Hairwash has been especially developed to rehydrate the hair, while cleansing and moisturizing hair and scalp. It also prevents dandruff and its ultra-gentle formula is packed with beneficial vitamins and over 75 nutrients, especially suitable for coloured hair.

If your clients hair suffers from hard water, a conditioner is indispensable. Packed with extremely moisturizing and conditioning beneficial ingredients, NATULIQUE’s Moisture Conditioner softens, protects, hydrates and nourishes dull and damaged hair. It contains no hazardous chemicals and ensures shine, detangling and easy maintenance.

What does soft water mean for your hair?

If you naturally have soft water or installed a water softener in your salon or at home, you’ve probably noticed that the hair starts to feel and behave differently. If the shampoo foams so easily, that you have to use only a small quantity with each hair wash, it probably means that you are living in a soft water area. The low quantity of minerals leaves the hair soft, smooth and a lot more flexible as it balances the hair’s pH level. Moreover, soft water can have a beneficial impact on irritated scalps.

However, there are also some less pleasant aspects you have to take into consideration. After several washes in soft water, the hair might start to feel flat , so there is a high need to use volume-restoring products..

Luckily, NATULIQUE’s volumizing product family can restore the hair’s natural volume and beauty in no time! Our Volume Hairwash’s mix of premium active ingredients penetrates deep into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and increase the thickness of individual hair strands. Its extremely restorative qualities vitalize and balance the scalp after an intense detoxing program, bringing the scalp and hair back to normal.

From the same family, our Volume Conditioner contains an advanced complex of certified organic Aloe Vera, Olive Fruit Oil, Glycerin and other beneficial ingredients which regenerate thinning hair and efficiently boost volume. Both hair and scalp will be visibly restored, rejuvenated and nourished.

If the hair feels like it could use an efficient on-the-go styling, try out our new Root Lifter Volume Tonic. It can instantly lift hair directly from the scalp and roots, creating tons of volume, essential for thinning hair.

As you can see, the water quality and degree of hardness has a huge impact on your clients’ hair. Becoming aware of the predominant water quality in your area is the first step to dealing with the consequences of too hard or too soft water.

Happy World Water Day!