Your ultimate go-to summer kit

-This season’s must-haves for every hairdresser.

There is something magical about summer, whether it is the bright sunny days or the warm and cosy nights. Unfortunately, summer is less magical for your clients’ hair, sometimes causing dry- and dullness. Therefore, we have selected 5 products that make up the ultimate go-to summer kit every hairdresser should have on their own shelves – We guarantee, your clients will love you for it!

Heat and Sun Protector

When we spend many hours in the sun, we’re all eagerly using sunscreen. But most clients forget that, next to our skin, we also have to protect our precious hair! With the Vitamin B enriched formula, it is safe to say that damaged hair won’t become a problem with our heat and sun protector – An all-in-one product that offers long-lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protection.

Intensive Hair Mask

Another NATULIQUE summer favourite is the Intensive Hair Mask – perfect after a day in the sun. It is fortified with almond oil, sunflower oil, argan oil and shea butter – ensuring healthy and shiny hair all summer long.

Its restorative ingredients help seal and close the hair cuticles, which ensures healthy and shiny hair, as light reflects beautifully off the well-protected hair.

Moroccan Argan Oil

The Moroccan Argan Oil is a must-have, especially during those heated and warm summer months. With just a few drops, it leaves the hair moist, soft and hydrated, while helping to smooth split ends and frizz – perfection! With its vitamin E enriched formula, it is safe to say that dry and damaged hair is history!

Beach Wave Ocean Spray

Looking for that beachy vibe? Look no further.
The Beach Wave Ocean Spray is infused with certified organic seaweed, aloe vera and natural Maris Sal for creating full and bouncy waves with enhanced texture and extra volume – perfect for an effortless after-a-day-at-the-beach look.

Balance Sparkling Shine

Our newly introduced Balance Sparkling Shine, is an ammonia free, lauryl sulfate free and parabens free professional permanent hair colour. It creates a flawless sun-kissed and natural hair colour and offers extra conditioning – Perfect during the summer when the hair needs that extra attention and care.

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