We cannot describe how excited we are to be able to share the story of Zuzana, owner of Green Head Eco Hair Salon in Czech Republic. Zuzana is an incredible person, who cares deeply for how we treat Earth, ourselves and the people around us:

“Hi everyone!
My name is Zuzana. I never dreamed of becoming a hairdresser as a child. Instead, I dreamed of becoming a doctor, philosopher or teacher on ecology. However, it would turn out to be that I would go on to study something very different – Hotel Management. One day during my studies a friend of mine came by. She had just cut her own hair and I though to myself: “She looks awesome!” A small revelation appeared to me: If she could do it, so could I. After a while, I found myself cutting my own, friend’s and family’s hair – but I didn’t think anything else of it! After finishing my degree. I felt an urge to travel. So I did. I lived in UK, France and Denmark, travelled around in Spain and many other places. I took jobs in restaurants, farms, taking care of children and was enjoying life. Funny enough everywhere I would go, I ended up cutting peoples hair, but no, I still didn’t take it as a sign. At the age of 27, as my passion for ecology and my skill as a hair artist was increasing, my mother became very ill with ALS (yes, Stephen Hawking has it, but sadly, most of the people die 3-5years after being diagnosed). It was also during this time I became pregnant. My beloved mother died two months after I had given birth to my healthy baby girl, Sofia. This time is very hard to describe for me as I was filled with joy, but also felt at a complete loss after having lost the person closest to me. But when I looked at my baby – that tiny pure innocent thing – I knew right away that I would have to do my best to protect her happiness and health. I couldn’t use any harmful toxins on her. I was determined to not make any compromises. So I switched to organic food, cosmetics, biodegradable detergents, washing powder etc. It was somewhere around at this point in life, I realised that my family, friends and friends of my friends still asked me to cut their hair. So I said to myself: “Ok, maybe this is what I am supposed to do. But it has to be the green way!” As we have the opportunity to choose our own path, I decided if there were a choice between less harmful and as toxic free shampoo and hair colour and traditional products – I would be the first person to give the green products a go.

And so I did. In 2014, I opened one of the first eco hair salons in the country, Green Head Eco Hair Salon. We offer organic hair colouring, organic cosmetics in biodegradable packages and even organic home detergents which we refill – to eliminate the waste as much as we can. All I want to do, is give people the best options available and inspire them to change the world by starting small – with themselves, their own attitudes and beliefs.

Today, two years later, Filip Gregor, a brilliant hairstylist from Prague (capital of Czech), have introduced me to NATULIQUE. Knowing that the brand has bio certified shampoos and conditioners, non-toxic hair colours that actually work is unbelievable. The fact that they are trying to be as sustainable as possible is just admirable. And since I have lived in Denmark previously, my first visit with NATULIQUE was like being home. I was really excited and wanted to learn more.

After having tried the products personally it has become very clear NATULIQUE is all I want and need – and my clients love it! I’ve since been asked to be a NATULIQUE educator for Czech Republic and there is nothing I would like to more. Being able to teach people how to use eco and healthy friendly cosmetics that works perfectly is like a dream. Am I in heaven already? After having met the founders Mette and Stig and their crew, I just love the brand even more. I don’t know how, but NATULIQUE has this very special way of connecting with people. They are so open minded and hearted. You just get the feeling that they are changing the world.

So don’t hesitate to join us, because as I can see, the future is bright and green, so don’t be left behind! I wish to you all to have the courage to live your dreams because it is the most beautiful way how to live your life!”

Zuzana, Green Head eco hair salon

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